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If you are looking to invest in a new life in Australia or New Zealand we think it makes sense to start off on the right foot and know what you are up for so you know exactly where you stand. This means finding a reliable source for all your questions and getting the right answers is crucial to the success of your move. Since 1992, The Emigration Group has assisted over 12,000 people to find a new life in Australia and New Zealand and probably answered even more questions! To help you, we have done our best to answer many of the most commonly asked questions here.

For more individual questions, regardless of which step of the migration process you are currently on - whether you ‘Need a Visa’, are ‘Doing One’ or ‘Already Have One’ - our ‘Tips From The Experts’ Seminars at locations throughout the UK are exactly what you need to fully prepare you for what lies ahead. Working with a number of trusted partners in the fields of Removals, Banking, Pensions Transfer & Foreign Currency Purchase, these half day sessions provide the opportunity to have all your questions answered and obtain all the information you need to make your migration a success at the first attempt. Did you know that they also offer the potential to save you thousands of Pounds? For example, many attendees will recover their full visa costs and more simply by using a specialist currency broker to transfer their money rather than getting the standard rate from their bank.

Questions such as: "I've found out I'm eligible for a Visa – what’s my next step?" Or: "How do I effectively transfer my pension Down Under?" Perhaps your thinking of removals and asking: "What's going to be the cheapest way to take all my belongings with me?" Not only will our experts answer your many questions, but we’ll tell you what questions you should be asking!

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