The first step in the emigration process is to complete the Migration Appraisal Form. It takes time to ensure you get an accurate and considered appraisal of your eligibility to apply for an Australian or New Zealand visa, as there are a lot of factors and conditions to take into account. This means we can give you the most reliable result and indication of success.

Appraisal Form

Getting the right advice

Simple mistakes can have serious consequences and once your application has been lodged you can’t amend it. This means that your application is likely to be rejected, making it an expensive waste of time. At The Emigration Group, we want to help you start your new life and we offer a Full Migration Appraisal that will prepare you for everything you will come up against. Compared to the thousands you will spend on government lodgement fees, this is a great investment to make sure you get the most out of your application, time and money.

We charge a fee of £95 for a comprehensive written Migration Appraisal, which includes:

  • A detailed written report of your visa eligibility based on current immigration policy – this will be with you within five working days
  • If you are not eligible, we will provide recommendations on how you can improve your migration potential and chances of success
  • A full breakdown of the steps needed to reach your migration goals
  • Advice on obtaining a Skills Assessment for your qualifications
  • The determination of your correct ANZCO occupation and any professional registration requirements
  • A personal consultation of up to two hours with one of our migration experts
  • A job appraisal where appropriate

If you choose to retain The Emigration Group to manage your visa application after the consultation, we will refund the cost back to you, making this service absolutely free!

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