What is a Work visa?

New Zealand is a land of opportunity and with the tough job climate here in the UK it's easy to see why many people are considering New Zealand to progress their job and career opportunities. With a plethora of job opportunities and great lifestyle options for anyone who chooses to live there, New Zealand has quickly become a popular destination for many skilled British workers - and you could be next.

If you are considering working in New Zealand then you will need to apply for an appropriate work visa. You will be happy to know that there are several options available to you and providing you meet the eligibility requirements you could be on your way to a move down under.

In order to apply for a New Zealand Work Visa

Meet the following criteria

  • Age

    Your age is not always an important criteria, but if you are looking to apply for a working holiday visa then there are restrictions
  • Skills

    Your chances of a successful working visa application are helped greatly if you are able to prove that you have the skills that New Zealand needs
  • Job Offer

    Most visa options require a job offer in New Zealand before you can apply

Each working visa has different eligibility requirements and this depends on the specific needs of that role.

Visa Options that are available through this programme

If you have been looking to relocate for work, or you have been presented with a job opportunity, then you need a working visa for New Zealand. The country offers a wide range of different visa options depending on what you are looking for and below are just some of the options that might be available to you:

  • Work to Residence

    This visa is available to people who have skills and experience within specific occupations and have a job offer from an accredited employer. After a period of employment they may become eligible to apply for permanent residence.

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  • Essential Skills Work Visa

    This is a visa option for anyone who wants to apply to work within New Zealand for a period of time and has already received a job offer from a New Zealand employer.

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  • Skilled Migration Visa

    If you have a skill which is currently in demand in New Zealand then you could be eligible to migrate through the Skilled Migration stream, which is a permanent emigration visa.

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Each working visa has a different eligibility requirement and this depends on the specific needs of that role.

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