The Emigration Group was founded in 1992 and has grown into one of the UK’s leading international relocation providers. Specialising in Australia, our services support both the employee who is relocating and businesses that are looking to transfer new and existing employees Down Under. Our global office network allows us to deliver seamless relocation packages at any time to any Australian destination and for any industry.

By understanding your business and needs as well as we do our own, we can help reduce the stress that accompanies relocation to Australia for both the employee and the business. This helps lower costs and makes all mobility activities more efficient. With our experience in immigration policy consultation and our core partners’ expertise, we can provide professional introductions to a number of associated services to help you.

Over the last 25 years, we have helped thousands of people immigrate to Australia on a permanent or temporary basis. We are the first choice for many businesses in Australia and the UK looking to remove the bureaucracy and red tape with obtaining visas for their employees.

  • UK Businesses expanding

    Australia is a country which actively encourages business migration and there are a number of options available to a business owner who is considering an expansion or relocation Down Under. Knowing where to start and getting all the paperwork together can be difficult and that's where The Emigration Group can help.

    Our experienced team spans the globe and each member is a highly skilled professional who can work with your business to provide a full range of immigration solutions to help get people to their desired destinations on time and in compliance with local immigration laws and regulations. With collective experience of over 100 years, our experts will streamline the visa application process and ensure that every step from start to finish is taken care of. Nothing is left to chance as we work with you throughout the immigration process to ensure that all appropriate forms are correctly completed, medicals are undertaken in a timely manner and all other information is collated efficiently.

    Not only can we advise on your best visa options but we can introduce you to the specialists you will need to establish all the services an expanding or relocating UK business may need up front including legal, accounting, HR and marketing, IT and communications and even offices.

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  • Overseas employers

    With skill shortages in Australia a fact of life these days, employers (both large and small) are increasingly turning to the UK for their recruitment needs. Several corporate clients have retained us to actively source skilled candidates from the UK, as well as benefitting from the expert advice and assistance we can provide to quickly procure immigration visas for their new personnel.

    Our network of offices spans the globe, meaning our experienced team can help you no matter where you are and around the clock. We are able to provide a full range of immigration solutions for any business to ensure your employees make it to the right locations on time and in as stress-free manner as possible. Our experts have over 100 years of collective experience which helps us to streamline the visa application process and make sure every step is completed properly. By working with your business throughout the process, you will always know what stage we are at and what to expect, especially when dealing with forms, medicals and other information.

    Working with a range of businesses, we will ensure that each new member of your staff is issued with the correct visa for the appropriate amount of time they will likely be overseas. Companies from all industries are affected by the skill shortage and our corporate clients come from industries as diverse as mining, gas, water, design, automotive, IT, recreation and many more.

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  • UK employers

    Skill shortages in Australia are common in most industries, making employers turn to the UK on an increasing basis to find suitably qualified employees. Many companies in the UK, both large and small, are working with The Emigration Group to secure the right visas and contracts to supply staff to companies in Australia.

    The skill shortage affects companies in a range of industries, including mining and gas, automotive, IT, recreation, water, design, IT and many more. Each industry and client benefits from the expert advice and assistance we can provide to quickly procure the right immigration visas for their relocating staff.

    With an experienced team spanning the globe, we are able to provide a full range of immigration solutions to companies around the world at any time. We ensure that everyone will get to their destinations on time, in as stress-free a manner as possible and in compliance with local immigration laws and regulations. Our collective experience of over 100 years means we are best placed to take care of every step and keep your business informed of what is happening at every stage, as we take care of the paper work, medicals and other steps needed to ensure all staff have the correct visas for the duration of their stay.

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