Resettlement Partners

In preparation for your move to Australia or New Zealand, we are pleased to be able to recommend the following specialist companies

BANKING: It’s most important to open a local bank account before you emigrate. To open an account with the Bank of New Zealand, visit:

CURRENCY TRANSFER: Did you know that using a currency broker can usually get you a better exchange rate than about your UK pension – should you transfer it or not? Visit:

REMOVALS/ SHIPPING: You should only use a specialist international mover, who have the skills and experience and understand the strict customs and quarantine requirements for Australia and NZ, not forgetting the ability to ship smaller consignments quickly and the volumes to offer competitive rates. Such expertise may also apply if you want to ship your car or motorcycle. Visit:

PET SHIPPERS: Let’s not forget your family pet! Our partner is one of the most experienced in the UK and will provide a complete service door to door, so you can be confident your pet is in the very best hands.

Our Trusted Emigration Partners