Resettlement Partners

In preparation for your move to Australia or New Zealand, we have reached agreement with a range of specialist companies to provide preferential rates exclusively to clients of The Emigration Group.

After much research, each company has been approved by us based on the quality of their advice, professional service levels and being a proven expert in their field.

FINANCIAL/BANKING: It’s most important to open a local bank account before you emigrate. Did you know that using a currency broker can usually get you a better exchange rate than your bank? If you are exchanging a large sum, the difference can add up to thousands of extra dollars! What about your UK pension – should you transfer it or not?

PROPERTY: Selling your house before you move? Get the very best conveyancing rates when selling your home and thus maximise the amount of cash you have to take with you when you emigrate.

TRAVEL: Worried about your baggage allowance when you emigrate? Rest assured as many airlines offer one way migrants a larger baggage allowance to other everyday travellers. This could save you hundreds of pounds in excess baggage charges.

REMOVALS/ SHIPPING: It’s not always wise to take the first removals quote you receive. It often pays to have 2 or 3 quotes to choose from. You should only use a specialist international mover, who have the skills and experience and understand the strict customs and quarantine requirements for Australia and NZ, not forgetting the ability to ship smaller consignments quickly and the volumes to offer competitive rates. Such expertise may also apply if you want to ship your car or motorcycle. Finally, let’s not forget your family pet! Our partner is one of the most experienced in the UK and will provide a complete service door to door, so you can be confident your pet is in the very best hands.

To take advantage of this free service, please call us to discuss your requirements, we will liaise with our partners on your behalf and arrange for them to contact you at a convenient time.

Our Trusted Emigration Partners