The fast track way to a new job…
in New Zealand

Employment is the most critical element of relocating overseas. Trying to find the right job on the other side of the world is a vastly bigger challenge than finding a job in your home country. It can pay dividends to get specialist help from a credible source. If you are a qualified skilled tradesperson or professional looking for a job to help facilitate your migration to New Zealand, then we can help you with:

  • An exceptional CV, your prime selling aid
  • Guidance on obtaining correct references
  • Covering letters and our unique Statement of Employability
  • Guidance on perfecting your interview technique (phone & Skype)
  • Local representation / point of contact for employers
  • Ensure your job offer is worded correctly to comply with INZ policy
  • Negotiation where possible with employer for financial assistance / reimbursement of relocation and visa costs
  • Keep employer fully informed as to the progress of your visa application, once lodged
  • Expert immigration visa advice and management via our licensed immigration adviser

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