Job Appraisal

There is no doubt that the biggest concern for most migrants relates to their job prospects. Unless you are retired or a business migrant, finding a job is critical to securing a skilled visa for the majority of applicants. The additional points awarded put you at a big advantage to those without a job offer. Our experience shows that successful resettlement is only really achieved after the migrant has found suitable employment. We understand the importance of a confirmed job offer for the peace of mind for you and your family.

It makes sense to clearly understand your employment prospects at the outset, which is where our FREE Job Appraisal service can help. If you are fully committed to move to New Zealand, email your circumstances and CV if you have one to our New Zealand based director, Geoff Taylor. He has successfully placed many hundreds of skilled migrants from all backgrounds and is very knowledgeable on the local employment market, industry contacts and how to successfully market off shore candidates. He can be contacted at:

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