I know I am eligible to migrate so why should I do an eligibility assessment?

The probability is that you may have looked at the immigration websites. You may have even worked out the points’ indicator for a Skilled Migrant Category, which is a good start but this doesn’t begin to provide the full picture.

Even if your points calculation is correct (and many, many people get this wrong), such basic screening only gives a general guide as to eligibility. It does not explain what a “Recognised Qualification” is or whether your qualification equates to the correct one in Australia or New Zealand. It does not explain what constitutes a ‘Skilled’ offer of employment, or look at health issues, character issues, rights to schooling and healthcare for family members, etc.

If you are looking to invest a lot of time and money in starting a new life overseas, does it not make perfect sense to start off on the right foot and know exactly what is required?

As a first step we recommend completing our FREE Preliminary On Line Assessment or you can go straight to the Full Migration Appraisal which provides you with a written report containing a full analysis of your visa options, a recommendation of the best visa type(s) to apply for and an evaluation of your job prospects including a 2 hour personal consultation with a Licensed Immigration Adviser.

If you are not currently eligible to apply for a visa but feel you could be, the Full Migration Appraisal report will identify what is required to improve your chances.

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