What is a Parent Visa?

The New Zealand Parent Visa stream is a great option for anyone who currently has family who are permanent residents or citizens of New Zealand. The stream offers an option for parents who are looking to join their family in New Zealand either on a temporary or permanent basis.

In order to apply for an New Zealand Parent Visa

Meet the following criteria

  • Family

    Have a qualifying family member
  • Age

    Be over the age of 18
  • Support

    Be able to provide evidence that you can support your stay without reliance on social security or the healthcare system.

Family Category Visa (Parent Tier One)


This visa option is currently closed - It is expected to reopen in 2018.

Parent Retirement Category


Who can apply

People of any age who meet the criteria for Family Parent Category (have a child who is a New Zealand resident or citizen, and have good health and character), and who also meet the additional criteria for Parent Retirement Category.

What it entitles you to

Permanent residence.

Terms & Conditions

Applicants must be able to invest a minimum of $1 million in New Zealand over four years and have an annual income of at least $60,000 at the time they apply, and settlement funds of at least $500,000. The applications of people applying for Parent Retirement Category will be prioritised, in recognition of the benefit to the economy they are expected to bring.

Further information:

The Parent Retirement Category allows Immigration New Zealand to prioritise high net worth individuals who are already seeking to migrate to New Zealand under the Family Category. See also information on Temporary Retirement Visas

Enquire about parent visas

New Zealand is a country that can offer you a whole host of opportunities - and this is further encouraged by the fact that you are able to spend it with family and loved ones.

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