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Ed, Paula & Rhys

In 2018, we achieved our dream of emigrating to New Zealand. We couldn’t have done this without the amazing help of The Emigration Group.

Our application was fairly complex but we got there in the end. Sally was always an email or a phone call away and she was always able to quickly respond to any queries we had. We were also regularly updated about where we were in the process and what we had to do next. We found the whole process of applying for visas was made far easier as Sally would explain exactly what emigration were looking for. Sally also used her expert knowledge to help us give emigration what they wanted, as it wasn’t always clear to us.

We now live in Whangarei, Northland which is at the top of New Zealand and are living the dream lifestyle. The weather is sub-tropical and therefore hot, although it can be wet. We are still getting used to it being light and hot in December, January, etc. Winters are short and definitely far milder than the UK. 14 degrees is about as low as it gets in the day. New Zealand is an awesome place to live and certainly caters for an outdoor lifestyle.

We can’t thank The Emigration Group enough and we feel that the money spent was worth every penny!

Good luck in your journey.

Ed, Paula and Rhys (aged 10).

Jasmin & Joe

Moving to New Zealand was something we had always wanted to do but knowing where to start was daunting and very much a step in to the unknown. After hearing a radio advert, we contacted The Emigration Group and arranged a meeting with Paul at their offices in Chester. Paul was informative and professional and reassured us that a move to New Zealand was very much possible, clearly outlining the steps we needed to take in order to make our dream a reality. He explained the various visa options available, detailing the requirements, as well as telling us a lot about New Zealand itself and how things are run over there and what to expect from the country. Sally managed our visa application and she went above and beyond to support us and provide advice at every step of the way. She made the process easy and simple to understand and stress free for us both. She was always at end of the telephone or email for any questions, however big or small. We would highly recommend The Emigration Group and can’t thank the staff enough for assisting us. Money most definitely well spent and a great deal of time and effort saved.


We couldn’t have chosen a better agent to help us obtain our visa. From the moment we spoke to Paul he assured us we were in safe hands and explained the process of obtaining the visa in detail. Sally was to be our contact and she was fantastic! Phone calls and emails were answered straight away and she was one step ahead of everyone throughout the process. Very refreshing to deal with such professionalism.



I have no idea of how to thank you. You have listened to me stress out and replied immediately every time, you have been so wonderful from the get go and I appreciate it so much.

I am completely overwhelmed.

I tried to answer the phone but it rang off and I thought it couldn't be you as you would have left a message but to be honest I'm really glad that Clive got to hear first!

I wish I could put in words how the kids and I feel but I think we are too shocked to know!

I will of course be in touch.

Clive and I will have a drink to toast next week.

Thank you so so so so so much


David and Sonia

West Midlands

West Midlands

The Emigration Group (TEG) were recommended to us by friends who had already successfully immigrated to Australia. Right through the process Paul Arthur and his team supported us through each step with professionalism and courtesy. The fees and other charges were provided in advance of signing up as well as the expected fees payable to the Australian Government.

TEG ensured we were kept informed of any changes to the conditions of our visa class, and when my job was removed from the occupations list, they suggested other avenues which we could explore. Eventually we decided not to proceed due to the uncertainty of the process, and this decision was again supported by Paul, who confirmed that was what we wished to do. If we were to try again, it would definitely be with The Emigration Group.

Shane Rose

Hi Sally,

The parcel arrived safely yesterday morning. I've been staring at that elusive, long sought after, large sticker in my Passport!

Thank you so much for all your hard work in securing my visa. I really appreciate your efforts during a smooth application process. You were always available to advise me by phone whenever I had any concerns or questions.

I won't hesitate to recommend The Emigration Group Ltd, should I hear of anyone else who intends to emigrate 'Down Under'.

I hope to arrive in NZ in the New Year (not a wearing an All Blacks kit!).

All the best for the future.

Kind regards,

Shane Rose

Robin and Suzanne and Jessica and Olivia

Dear Sarah

We just want to say thank you for all that you have done for us and thank you for being so patient with me all the emails lol. THE EMIGRATION GROUP and yourself have been fantastic to us. We will never forget how you helped us through this stressful time but now we can start building our new lives in Australia. So the least we could do was give you this token of our appreciation.

Thank you so so much

With lots of love

Robin and Suzanne and Jessica and Olivia


Thomas, Emily and Christine

We've safely arrived in New Zealand and even though we still can't quite believe that this is our new home, we love being here. Thanks to you and all your help and advice, our dream became a reality and we are deeply grateful to you for helping to make this happen.

To sum up the services of TEG and especially Sally Tomkinson: It was the best and most worthy service we ever received.

Throughout the whole application process, we never felt alone but fully integrated into a wonderful and professional team, we could ask questions of any kind (also not directly related to the visa, but about job opportunities, life in NZ, etc.) whenever they popped up and we got an answer within no more than a day. We could ask the same questions over and over again with always a very friendly and helpful answer. We were always informed about what is going on and why. Sally would let us know every time she received documents from us or INZ and send us documents always with tracking numbers to make sure they would arrive.

All in all, we felt completely safe and exceptionally well cared for and we had a very nice and personal but also professional relationship with Sally Tomkinson. It was always a pleasure communicating with her and we are so very grateful for her time, patience and the effort she put into our visa application to make our dream come true.

Thank you TEG and a special huge thank you to Sally Tomkinson and her colleagues. We can only recommend you and your services to anyone struggling to decide whether to get immigration advice or not, but we owe you so much more. Thanks for making this possible!

Thomas, Emily and Christine (happy customers from 2012 to 2015).

Lori & Paul

Warkworth, NZ

Warkworth, NZ


From the moment we came home from our summer holidays to rainy Manchester, UK from sunny NZ we talked about the possibilities of emigrating and whether our dreams could be realised. We did some research and found The Emigration Group and attended one of their seminars in October 2014. The information that we discovered here was crucial in our decision to move abroad and we also considered how valuable an agent would be. We asked around and talked to some ex pats in NZ who advised us to “go it alone” but this prospect was too daunting, especially as we both had busy working lives and not much spare time. We went ahead and had our first appointment with The Emigration Group in February 2015 where prices and timeframes were clearly explained. Then it was all systems go! My husband secured a job offer in NZ and whilst our residency visa was being prepared, a work visa was also arranged as a start date of the end of July 2015 was looming. Fighting back tears, we said our goodbyes to family and friends and started our adventure flying into Singapore for a couple of days before we finally arrived in sunny NZ on 21 July 2015. My husband was straight into work and within six weeks, we had notification that our residency visas had been approved. Our passports were sent off and received back within a couple of weeks, clearly displaying our new visas. We could not be any happier!

Our dream only became a reality because of the support, guidance and professionalism shown by The Emigration Group, in particular Sally. We were always aware of costs and timeframes and Sally advised us when to do certain things, like when to apply for our police clearance certificates and undertake our medicals. The knowledge that Sally has was reassuring. Everytime we called (which was often) she was able to dampen our fears and guide us on our journey. All timescales were clear and processes explained to us so we felt in control of the journey we were experiencing.

Thank you so much Sally and The Emigration Group. We are happily settled in NZ having the time of our lives – we are truly grateful for ALL the guidance and support to get us here.

Mark, Jemma, Maisie & Riley Naylor

We just wanted to say a massive thank you for all your help, endless advice & full support through every single bit of this process.

We truly are so grateful, you’ve helped us achieve our dream and we could not have done any of this without you. No matter how small the questions you answered them all. Through all the frustrating times you’ve been there for us with your reassuring words & you’ve kept us all calm & stress free throughout it all.

We have recommended you to all our friends that want to emigrate. Your help & knowledge is priceless.

Thank you again!
Take care & all the best wishes for the future.