Founded in 1992, The Emigration Group is one of the UK’s leading international relocation providers, specialising in business and personnel relocation to Australasia. Our services support both companies that are looking to transfer new or existing employees and the relocating employee themselves. With an office network spanning the globe, we work around the clock to deliver seamless global relocation packages for companies in all industries.

We believe that excellence comes with being more than just a service provider. We aim to make it our business to understand your business needs as well as we know our own. We’re proud of giving our clients impeccable operational delivery - making their employee mobility activities more effective while keeping costs to a minimum. Our core service is immigration policy consultation based on over 25 years’ experience of residence and work visa preparation and management expertise. Through our trusted partners, we also provide assistance and professional introductions to specialists within:

International moving and storage
Departure and repatriation services,
Overseas bank accounts and currency transfer,
Flights, pet shipping and more
Short-term accommodation
Home search and home sale

Since 1992, we have procured immigration visas for over 12,000 Brits moving to Australia and New Zealand on a permanent or temporary basis. Businesses in the UK, Australia and New Zealand regularly retain us remove the bureaucracy and red tape associated with obtaining visas for their employees. There are three scenarios where we can assist.

  • UK Businesses expanding

    Businesses looking to expand or relocate to New Zealand have a number of options available to them, and with the New Zealand economy developing so quickly, it’s a perfect time to do so. With the help of The Emigration Group, you can be confident that all the paperwork and processes will be dealt with quickly and effectively to help you get there.

    The Emigration Group has offices in the UK and New Zealand and a team with over 100 years’ collective experience to ensure that you get the best immigration solution available. We aim to ensure that your staff reach their destination on time, with the correct visa in place. Always complying with local immigration laws and regulations. Every stage is taken care of, with nothing left to chance as we make sure all forms, activities and processes are carried out correctly.

    With a number of visas available, our expert team will ensure you choose the most appropriate one for you and your employees. We have a number of partners that we can introduce to you to help with legal, accounting, marketing, HR, IT, offices and other communication needs.

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  • New Zealand employers

    Skill shortages in New Zealand are increasing as the economy continues to grow. To keep up, each industry is working hard to support this, which presents fantastic opportunities to recruit skilled staff from overseas. Large and small employers are looking to the UK for their employment needs.

    With over a century of collective experience, and a network of offices spanning the globe, our expert team is always available to provide a full range of immigration solutions to get people to their destinations on time and with the correct visa. Complying with all local immigration laws and regulations, we ensure that no problems will be encountered further down the line and our experience allows us to streamline the process as much as possible. We take care of every step in the process so nothing is left to chance, with all forms correctly completed, medicals undertaken and any other tasks required. There are no worries or doubts with The Emigration Group.

    The Emigration Group works with a number of businesses in a diverse range of industries in New Zealand to make sure the right staff are obtaining the correct visas for the duration of their visit. Companies in a wide range of industries utilise our services, including IT, water, healthcare, education, gas, automotive, design and recreation.

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  • UK employers

    Both large and small businesses are turning to the UK to fill skill shortages in New Zealand to keep up with an ever-growing economy. The demands on each industry to keep up and develop are high so only the best candidates are sought out, with many of them being sourced from the UK to further their careers and provide fresh insight and enthusiasm.

    The Emigration Group works with a range of companies from a number of industries in New Zealand to help combat the skill shortages faced. With opportunities in the water, mining, gas, design, IT, recreation and automotive industries – as well as many more – there is something for everyone and we can help ensure the right immigration visas are obtained.

    You can trust The Emigration Group to provide a full range of immigration solutions for every client and situation. Our team of experts are located across the globe so there is always someone able to help and advise on any situation. We ensure every process is completed efficiently and in a stress-free manner while always complying with local immigration laws and regulations. We leave nothing to chance by ensuring all paperwork is completed properly, all medicals all medicals and other checks are completed so there are no delays or problems. Through us, your staff will always have the right visa for the duration of their stay in New Zealand.

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