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New Zealand has a moderate climate throughout the entire year which is just one of many reasons it is so popular. From great cities to rolling countryside, you’ll benefit from a much cleaner atmosphere and a great work-life balance.

Emigrating to New Zealand is a fantastic opportunity and you will enjoy great support throughout the whole process from The Emigration Group. We, together with our partners will help you make the move as smooth as possible. Take our free online assessment now to start your dream life.

Types of Visa

Skilled Visas

For: Migrants who have the skills and experience currently in demand in New Zealand.

Work Visas

For: Those looking to work in New Zealand temporarily and with guaranteed job offers.

Parent Visas

For: If you have family living in New Zealand or they are permanent residents, this is the right visa choice.

Partner Visas

For: If your partner lives in or is a permanent resident of New Zealand, a Partner Visa is the right option.

Living Guide to New Zealand


Working in New Zealand

Our services support both companies that are looking to transfer their new or existing employees around the world and the relocating employee. With an office network spanning the globe, we work around the clock to deliver seamless global relocation packages for companies in all industries.

We believe that excellence comes with being more than a service provider. We aim to make it our business to understand your business needs as well as we know our own. We’re proud of giving our clients impeccable operational delivery - making their employee mobility activities more effective whilst keeping costs low.

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