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Our sister company, based in New Zealand, offers a full job search service and has successfully placed migrants into employment from all walks of life. They act as your local representation, bridging 12,000 miles gap separating you from the job market, thus ensuring you have maximum credibility with local employers. While it is not essential, it can be beneficial to meet New Zealand employers face-to-face. This usually depends on the type of position and employer’s preferences. Most of our clients, however, are placed without having to travel to New Zealand, by way of a phone or Skype interview.

Even if you have not engaged us to find you a job, we can still assist you in your search for employment. We provide you with a signed letter of credibility to show to potential employers, which will reassure them as to your eligibility to obtain a visa. We can also rewrite your CV into the required local format - giving you the best CV you will ever have - putting you well ahead of other offshore candidates.

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