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Hello Harriet

First of all I heard it was no ordinary holiday but your honeymoon...


Yes we were surprised to say the least when we received the email from Sarah on bank holiday Monday 26 May. Shocked would be a more appropriate wordI think. We were gobsmacked! It was just a day before my birthday, and one I will never forget!

I would like to thank you and TEG for everything. Without TEG it would not have been possible.

We have now at last received our replacement passports after we misplaced them at LHR on our way to South Africa. It was found, but destroyed before our return to the UK.

So now we just need to update the passport details for the visa and make the final decisions on when to make the move!

Thank you once again for an excellent service.

I would recommend TEG to anyone.

Kind Regards


Becky P



Hi Sarah,

Just stopped jumping up and down enough to send you a quick email to say thank you so much for all your help... Smiling like a Cheshire Cat.


Beryl & Tony F



Hi Sally,

Apologies for the delay in responding to you, but a few days after our meeting we heard that Kate is expecting.

We shall now be going in November to validate the visas, and on our return in January making the necessary arrangements to move to New Zealand.

Just to say our sincere thanks to TEG for the professional manner shown throughout the entire process, and especially to you Sally for making the various steps in the application requirements appear hassle free.

At the early stages we thought it was unlikely that we would be accepted, but once approved, the speed to getting the visas wasreally fast.

We would certainly recommend TEG to anyonethinking ofa similarmove, and consider the charges involved were quite acceptable to ensure applications, paperwork and all other documentation, were co-ordinated with NZ Governmentat the right times

Many thanks again

Best Regards

Beryl & Tony

Nicola R




I just wanted to drop a line to say the biggest THANK YOU to Sarah Bowyer and Gemma Carter for all of their help, advice and assistance surround our life changing move.

We have been in Perth, Australia for 12 weeks and absolutely love it, we live 5 minutes from the beautiful beaches and Indian Ocean, and just 15 minutes from the city of Perth, life is relaxed, fun and we are enjoying spending lots more quality time together as a family than we ever did in the U.K.

This move would never have happened without the help of TEG, the processes and paperwork is a minefield to an individual, thank you for taking the stress out of the application and helping us to change our lives and more importantly that of our two year old (Who is obsessed with sandcastles, the beach, swimming, marine life, wildlife and the 100's of parks that are dotted around everywhere) he will grow up with a love and respect for the great outdoors and the land in which we live.

We will be forever grateful for all of the work that was put in to help make our dream become a reality. Thanks again.

I've attached a few pictures. We have recommended you to everyone that's asked us how to make this move :)

Mark D



Hi Sally,

Thanks for all your help and support, of course we will stay in touch, I don't know if you are on facebook, but Mark posts photos etc on there. AND of course should you be out here we would want to meet up, so keep our e-mail address.

You've helped us keep the dream alive when we thought it wouldn't happen & you've helped us make it come true & for that we are so grateful and send you all our thanks. The girls love it at their new schools & it's just one big WOW factor going up to the coast in the car when you go round a corner, I'm still not sure whether I'm dreaming or not. This country has got to be Gods own garden !!

with all our sincere thanks, you have been a rock for us when we thought it wouldn't happen.

Di, Mark & the girls xxxx

Joakim K

Business Analyst

Business Analyst

Hello Sally,

The passports have arrived!!! :D It was _incredibly_ fast, and we are obviously extremely happy!

Thank you once again for your work! And many. many thanks to Tom for his work and speedy handling and delivery.

Now we just need to get ready for the fact that we are actually leaving on Monday. Still seems unreal :)

It has been very nice to work with you during this short time. I was very pleased with the work Diane did, and even if I have not worked with you for a long time, it has been very good and I would gladly recommend both you and TEG.

Many thanks again, and have a wonderful weekend.

All the best,


Kamalini B



Dear Sarah,

Happy New Year!!!

Having just spent my first Christmas and New Year in Melbourne, I wanted to drop you a line to thank you for all your help with my application for migration. It has been a hectic few months since we moved here at the end of April and it has all worked out well and my husband Hari and I are very happy here.

Best wishes for 2014



Duncan T



Hello Diane,

Needs be, we all have to move on for many reasons. If I may just take the opportunity to thank you personally for the way you have handled my Application for a Visa to go to New Zealand.

I admit I am not the easiest person in the world to get on with, I know I can be rather blunt at times, all things considering you certainly handled me pretty good !

I am particularly impressed with the speed at which you handle things, in particular when you received an Email from Mr S Lim at 1420hrs on the 26 Nov 13, concerning a medical observation on my Application. Just 19 minutes later you forwarded it to me ! That's impressive - not only demonstrating an efficient working practise but also a concern in keeping the Customer focussed on the goal.

Also, when you made the call to my home on 17 Dec 13 to let me know my Visa was ready for approval, that was the best Christmas present I could ever have !

Outstanding integrity, professionalism and attention to detail ! I got that all important Residency Visa - and you helped meget it !

Once again – thank you



Jill and John S



I would like to say that we have received a very professional, value for money and supportive service from the staff in Chester, mainly Sally Tomlinson. No question, query or concern was too small to be taken seriously and appropriate action taken.

We would have no hesitation to recommend the services of The Emigration Group to anyone considering starting the process of applying for a visa.

Jill and John

Paul S

Overseas Business Sponsorship

Overseas Business Sponsorship

Hi Paul,

Thanks for taking the call.

I would really just like to thank you and Sarah for the amazing job you have done walking us through the process of getting the company sponsored, our nomination and then our Visas. For them to be issued on my wife's 40th birthday and although I know you had nothing to do with that, I would like to think you planned it all out.

From the very beginning I have felt confident that you know what you are doing and have been a really steady and a helpful guidance.

Have a great Christmas and thanks.