• 1 month to go

    Collect all hand-over files from doctors, dentists and schools.
    Give formal notice to your employer and get your P45.
    Give your new address to your bank, passport office, DVLA, pension company, inland revenue, insurance brokers and accountants.
    Collate three months bank statements, mortgage statements and no-claims car insurance evidence. File together for use on arrival.
    Bring council tax and utilities up to date and cancel accounts for TV, internet, phone and insurance.
    Sell or donate any surplus items.
    Arrange for your post to be redirected.
    Transfer funds to Australia or New Zealand.
    Start packing non-essential items.
    Arrange some private health cover for Australia or New Zealand if required.
    Pay off any outstanding debts.
    Close any surplus bank accounts and destroy unwanted cards.
    Shred surplus personal records.
    Confirm your booking with your removal company and flights.
    Ensure all your relevant paperwork is in a handy travel file.
    Cancel any redundant direct debits or standing orders.
    Arrange car hire and hotels.