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Paul Arthur Director, The Emigration Group

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is the The upper age limit for skilled migrants


of Australia’s population have emigrated from the UK
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Settling in was easy

Settling in to our new lives Down Under has been easy but getting here was a bit more challenging! Thankfully we had the best support possible from the Emigration Group who went out of their way to make sure our application was as strong as possible and that we did everything we could to help ourselves get here.

We didn’t realise just how strict the process was and that instantly made everything stressful. From finding jobs for ourselves and proving we had the skills to do them to making sure we could support ourselves at first if needed, it felt like we were on the edge of whether we would be successful or not. We might have gone crazy if we hadn’t been in constant contact with the Emigration Group, who did everything they could to reassure us and point to all the factors that were going in our favour.

That helped but it took a long time to feel like we were making progress before everything seemed to happen at once! It was so bizarre that one week we had no idea what stage we were at or what the job situation was and then we had the jobs and everything was being processed and approved. It was like a dream – one that’s continued even after arriving thanks to everyone’s warm welcomes. This is only the first step for us and we’re glad it’s worked out this way, definitely!

Australia was the only choice for us

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“My work environment is great and their welcome was warm and encouraging. The kids enjoy going to school and to nursery, they've made some friends really quickly.”

We really wanted to make a change in our lives for the better. That meant finding a place where we could enjoy a better work-life balance, spend more time together as a family and make sure our kids had the best education and future possible. Everything in the UK just felt so gloomy and when we started looking at where we could go and what we could do, Australia was instantly top of the list.

The hard part was choosing where to go – each State has so much to offer that we spent a lot of time deciding what we’d like to see and do, and whether that was available either in that area or close by. We’ve already started to embrace a much more relaxed lifestyle here so it was definitely the right choice. It was hard to leave friends and family behind but the kids made new friends quickly and once they were settling in it was easier for us to do the same.