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Jackie W

Program & Project Administrator

Program & Project Administrator

Gemma, --- THANK YOU A MILLION! What fantastic news to start the day with ! I am .......... well, I'm a little speechless actually. A very rare thing for me ! ha ha ! But sooooo excited! And, honestly, I feel like I've won the lotto !!! I have just told Mark the amazing news, and we're both SO happy. :)

I had better read the email now, and find out what I'm meant to do next !

And hey -- you won't get rid of me that easily ! I'll keep writing ...... after all, you're the lady who got me to Australia ! How could I possible desert you now !!!! ;) I am indebted to you for life ......... !!

Got a feeling I'll be a bit distracted at work today! Hmmmm! Need to go to a short meeting in a a few minutes -- when i get back, I will call you !

THANK YOU !!!! xxxxx



Motor Mechanic

Motor Mechanic

Hi Sally

Sorry it's taken so long to write but my feet haven't touched the ground for the last few months.

We arrived in New Zealand (Aukland) very refreshed after our superb business class flight .Stayed inAukland for three nights in a holiday let, saw some of the city and a bit of night life, way too busy for us.

Then traveled south toTauranga and rented another holiday home in Matua. This was the start of the fast ride! bought a car, applied for work ,got work, got Jack into school, got Michelle enroled at University PHEW!

We now live in Papamoa Beach and I have a full time job as an auto electrician. I have also joined a band and am gigging all over the place. Jack is a full time "beach bum" complete with surf board.

We are so happy, found paradise.

All this thanks to yourself and the team at The Emigration Group. Michelle and I cannot thank you enough for all your help and advise, certainly could not have done it without you.

Massive Thanks from all of us.

Glenn Michelle and Jack

David & Edele

Hi Sally,

That's GREAT news. We are delighted. Thank you for your continued help and preceveirance with this matter. As usual you have delivered the goods, so THANK YOU SOOOOO MUCH SALLY.

Got the ice cold beer and the wine flowing now and that's just for the kids haha! (only joking). Edele has a copy of the police certificate with that wonderful name "Rita" on it. If you want it, we can send it to you. Thanks again.

By the way, I found IRN BRU! We were at Waipu, a Scottish early settlers village,on New Year's Day for the Highland Games. We kilted up, the kids and I and had a great time, esp with the discovery of Irn Bru. Anyway, enough of my childish antics, Happy New Year to you.

Thanks, David and Edele

Jim & Sue S



Hi Sally,

Lovely to hear from you too. That bay is only a few minutes walk from our home and it's whereSue and I go if ever we are feeling a little homesick. That happens very rarely nowadays.

We were all together for Christmas and New Year celebrations, Me, Sue, Kerri, Keith, my brother and his wife (visiting from UK)Keith's mum and two friends from Australia.
Christmas day at Kerri's, Boxing day at our house and New Years eve on Kerri's deck, looking at the fireworks on Sky Tower.

We are all still loving our life here. Thanks again to you.

Have a great 2013.

Love to you from us all.

Cheers !!!

Bruno M

457 Visa

457 Visa

Dear Sarah and Mike,

You might remember us, we are Bruno and Carole a french couple living... NO used to live in England, Tamworth...

It has been now 2and a halfmonths since our family was reunited Down Under. As a quick reminder I left on 25 August while Carole and the kids stayed in France until mid-october. Things have been really good so far. My work environment is great and their welcome was warm and encouraging. The kids enjoy going to school and to nursery and made some friends really really quickly. Carole is on her way to start giving private french lessons on a part time basis to start with. In summary the arrival, settling in and the adjustment went perfectly fine.

The weather.... hum... what can we say about the weather! Just have a look at our Christmas card for this year and you will understand, even if something is telling me that youalreadyknew. Our average temperature now is 25 deg at 9pm, easily 35 deg C this afternoon. Tomorrow back to the beach as a favourite place for the kids and me as well. It feels like July-August time definitely not Christmas but we will get used to this. Our first meeting with kangaroos, just down the road from the house...magical, amazing moment!

Thank you for being the first and the most important step of this amazing project, dream .

Carole, the kids and I wanted to wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2013.

Best regards

Bruno and Carole.

Lee B

Sheet Metal Trades Worker

Sheet Metal Trades Worker

Hi Sarah

The Bennett family would like to thank You and the emigration group for getting us to Australia, we could not have done it alone. We arrived last Friday and since then we have bought a car, i have been for a interview and got the job, i start after xmas and we are now looking for a house to rent so all is good. I would again like to thank you again because what we have done was a mammoth task and a really stressful operation but you made it as easy for us as you possibly could and for that i am grateful. We are now enjoying our new life in Oz.

Yours gratefully

Lee Michelle Cory & Joshua


Graphic Designer

Graphic Designer

To Sally

Thank you for all your help this year in helping us get to New Zealand & making our dream come true.

We couldn't of done it without you. Happy Christmas!

Best Wishes

Catherine and Gavin.

Robert & Jane K



Dear Sarah,

We receivedyour email and following letter and would like to thank you and your team at The Emigration Group for all your hard work and support over the last few years to enable us to live our dream with all our family in Australia. You have all been most supportive and helpful throughout our application.You certainly made it easier for us and we are very glad that we chose your company to helpus through the process.We would have no hesitation in recommending you tofuture clients.

Kind regards,

Robert and Jane

Ralph & Margery S



Dear Sarah,

I wish to convey to you and your staff, our thanks for getting us to the point of an issue of a vise for emigration to Australia. It has been an anxious time for us, we attempted to sell our house in time to obtain the second visa fee in time to meet the Australian deadline. You were able to secure a delay in the deadline, and the amazing thing is that the visa was notified only 4 days after you sent the cheque on our behalf.

It is almost 2 years to the day since we signed up with your representative in London, as we know that we could never survive the long bureaucratic process without someone holidng our hand!

It is our intention to fly to Australia by middle of January, and our children and grandhcildren are delighted.

Best wishes

Ralph and Margery

Mirka & Stefan



Thank you so much Sarah! Approved visas is such excellent news!


Thank you for all your help.