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Jonathan O

Policy Analyst & Child Visa

Policy Analyst & Child Visa

Hi Sarah,

We leave the UK on 21 July. I wanted to thank you for all you have done and the professional and empathetic way in which you did it. You're a credit to the company.

Best wishes to you and your family.


Simon T

Training & Development Professional

Training & Development Professional

I could not recommend the services of The Emigration Group more highly. The team are thoroughly professional, friendly and always on hand to help answer questions. The vagaries of the Australian migration system mean it is difficult to navigate successfully on your own, and I know that had I attempted to apply for our visa independently that mistakes would have been made, and this would ultimately have cost me time and money.

Gemma in particular was fantastic in the way she managed our visa application, making the whole process painless and efficient.

I would say to anyone considering a move Down Under that they should seek the help of The Emigration Group.

Thank you

Simon T & Family

Kate Pye

Primary Teacher

Primary Teacher

To Sarah

We just wanted to say a huge thank you for all your help with our visas!

All your help & advice was invaluable and we couldn't have done it without you!

We are moving out there next Thursday and we are all really excited and can't believe it is almost upon us!

We have a very hectic first week with job interviews, courses and visits to schools! We are moving to Port Noarlunga and have arranged a house for a few months when we arrive.

Thank you once again for all your help!

Kate, Martin, Isabel, Oliver & Lizzie.

Amanda M

Partner visa

Partner visa

Hello Sarah

Just to let you know that we are flrying out to Australia on 30th June, we have today started to load the container so we are finally on our way. Many thanks for all the help that you and the company have given, it has made it very easy.

Kind regards & best wishes

Amanda & Paul M

Jean E



Thank you Sally.

You have been brilliant, not only in a professional capacity but also in a caring manner - helping me achieve my goal.

I feel you are a friend and will definitely stay in touch,

Take care

Jean & Heidi

Russell B



Dear Sarah,

We would like to thank you and your team for our successful application to emigrate to Australia.

We know a lot of time and effort went into our application and all the advice that was given to us was greatly appreciated.

We have recommended The Emigration Group Ltd to other people who have shown an interest in a move to Australia or New Zealand. The very professional approach that you take is second to none.

We appreciated everything that you did for us and we are looking forward to our new life down under!

Yours faithfully,

Russ and Cathy

Beatrice T

I.T Professional

I.T Professional

Hello Sarah,

First of all, apologies for the late reply. We've had to receive the documentation and this was quite the news to take in, so it has taken a while for us to assimilate :)

Just to let you know that we have filled in the relocation assistance form and have sent it to you yesterday.

Also, I had one more question if possible. Is there a good source to find out the exact administrative steps and procedures to follow once we reach Australia, i.e. registering for an NI number equivalent, registering for medical care, and generally ensuring they are aware of our presence in the country as well. Aside from finding housing and jobs and other similar important steps, the administrative and social records part of things is not familar to us. We'd be greatful for all assistance provided with this.

Concerning your letter, we will be more than happy to have a chat with your PR department and make a testimonial of our experience throughout this process as well as the Emigration Group overall service.

We have been very satisfied with the entire process as well as with your advice on choosing the appropriate type of visa and the realistic approach on clarifying timescales and expectations. We are particularly happy with the assistance and help you have provided, as well as the personalised approach and constant attention. We've had all queries clarified in a very timely manner, the process has been very swift and handled in a very professional manner. Overall we are more than happy to recommend the Emigration Group services as well as your approach and help as our case advisor.

Thank you!

Kind regards,

James M

Employer Sponsored visa

Employer Sponsored visa

Hi Sarah

Wow – what a weekend – such emotions!!

Just wanted to drop you a quick line – I know we will be in touch over the coming weeks – but I just wanted to take the opportunity to thank you on behalf of both of us for your continued help, support and kindness during what seems like a very lengthy battle. We are ecstatic as is all the family that we can now start our dream.

We will be in touch over the new few days to keep you informed of our progress and in the meantime if you have any pointers or tips or advice for how to get through the coming weeks please let us know.

Kind regards

Joanne and James

Catherine T

Graphic Designer

Graphic Designer

The Emigration Group and us.
April 2013.

We first met with The Emigration Group in February 2011 at a seminar and our first impression was one of overwhelming excitement at the realistic possibility that our dream of moving to New Zealand could come true.

Since visiting New Zealand on a working holiday visa, all we wanted was to go back. Like many people these days, when you want to do something, your first port of call is the internet. We trawled though pages of advice and blogs about the emigration process and the whole thing seemed daunting and too complicated to bother with. That was, until we met with Mike McShane at the seminar. Within five minutes, he made us feel like the impossble was possible and we were excited about our future.

Our case had its complications and we knew from the start that we would have some issues to overcome. From our first meeting with Mike and subsequent phone calls, he assured us, as long as we were honest and upfront from the word go, they would help us in every way they could. It can be embarrassing to share mistakes in your past but at no time did The Emigration Goup make us feel inadequate or stupid. They were always upbeat and positive and told us straight about what we had to do.

After our initial one-on-one consultation in Chester we came away feeling excited, albeit worried about where we could find the funds to pay for everything. We know that if we did the visa application ourselves we could save a lot of money but we also knew that if we were going to do this, we had to do it properly. After all, you wouldn't go to court without a lawyer so why would you try to emigrate without a Migration Agent. After making our decision to give it a go, we moved back in with our parents, saved like mad and in October 2011 we signed up to TEG and started the process.

We decided to use TEG recruitment consultants in New Zealand too and after speaking with Janice in New Zealand we were confident we had made the right decision. More often than not employers want you already in the country so we needed someone there to fight our corner. It took about four months to secure a job and it was relatively pain free... apart from the two hour middle of the night skype interview! Janice also remained positive and said all it takes is one person, and that was all it took. Again, the cost of using Skilled British Workers can be off putting but it's cheaper and easer than going to New Zealand to look for work.

Although Janice and Mike helped us get our foot in the door, we would have to say that it was Sally Tomkinson, our Visa Manager, that kept us on the right track throughout our job search and application. The process can be confusing and intimidating at times, and even though we must have asked her the same thing over and over she was always there for us. A long phone call to us was never out of the question and she would also respond to our emails promptly, professionally and in a friendly manner. Sally was definitely our rock and she genuinely felt the highs and lows with us along the way.
On Tuesday 11th September 2012, Sally made the phone call to tell us we had been granted our work visas. From then on it all happened very quickly and six days later we were on a plane to the other side of the world. Two months later we were granted our Resident Visas.

Using a company like The Emigration Group may seem unnecessary but to us they were worth their weight in gold. Everyone's situation is different but for us the comfort that we had professional people and advice guiding us along the way was priceless. We have now been in New Zealand for six months and whilst the holiday period is definitely over, we made it. There are plenty of people we have to thank for getting us here, our family and INZ of course, but we are not sure we would have got here without Sally and The Emigration Group by our side.

Gavin H and Catherine T

Seb D

Building Inspector

Building Inspector

Hey Gemma

AMAZING!!!!!! At last its been granted. This has been one of the most stressful things i have done. But without the exceptional and highly professional service from you and your colleagues, i could not have dont it. Thank you Gemma. Please pass my gratitude on to your colleagues.

Thank you again