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“While the success rate is high already, you still need to double check all documents and forms for errors that could cause problems.”

Paul Arthur Director, The Emigration Group


migrating to Australia from the UK over the last decade

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Everything is perfect for us

Looking back on everything that has happened, I can see why it was almost so easy to give up but I’m definitely glad we stuck it out! The Emigration Group made a world of difference to us and our application, and it was their support that kept us going and helped make this dream come true. Everything has been perfect since we got here and I can’t imagine why we ever thought it wouldn’t happen!

It wasn’t all so easy for us, though. Proving we had the support needed to get us through those first few months was quite stressful – we knew that it would be a challenge but before this all started we were confident. The strict rules made us worry a bit but our Emigration Group consultant was confident and pointed back to our score on their emigration assessment. We had done well and their thoroughness wasn’t a negative sign, they just wanted to be sure we would be okay. That reassurance helped a lot.

I can’t even imagine trying to do this process without the help of an emigration expert – there are so many rules and regulations to follow that it’s overwhelming. The Emigration Group helped us focus on what needed to be done and when, which was essential in the job search too. That made it easy to identify what jobs were in demand and how we could apply for them. Finding the right jobs definitely played a huge part in our application and made it easier to make our perfect life a reality.

It had to be Australia

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“Thank you to the Emigration Group for all your support and achieving our Australian dream. From the first meeting and throughout all we can say is 'just perfect.'”

With so much to see and do, we felt Australia was the only place for us to go. We wanted a warmer climate and to escape a mundane and predictable life in the UK and it doesn’t get any more exciting than moving to the other side of the world! It was a big decision, leaving our friends and family behind but we knew that we’d still be able to visit sometimes and that we’d all make a new life for ourselves easily.

The beautiful weather and scenery proved to be every bit as exciting as we hoped. We’ve done more as a family than ever before thanks to a much better work-life balance and that means we’re all a lot happier! Everyone has been friendly and open so we know it was the right decision. We’ve already made the right steps in our careers and there’s plenty of sun, sand and surf for everyone!

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