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New Zealand’s economy has grown each year by an average


“Work is an important aspect of our lives but there are other things to consider. Finding that balance is essential.”

Paul Arthur Director, The Emigration Group

39 hours

Is the Average working week

80% higher

Job and life satisfaction is more than 80% higher than in the UK
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The Right Work-Life Balance was Essential

We had a few clear goals right from the start of this whole adventure but the biggest one was finding a much better work-life balance that let us enjoy ourselves more, spend time as a family and do things we wouldn’t have, or didn’t find as easy, in the UK. Moving to a new country was the best way to do that and despite all the bumps along the way, it’s definitely been a life changing experience so far and it’s only just beginning!

It took time for us to get to New Zealand but we had the best support right from the start. From finding out information and completing an online assessment at the beginning to eventually moving, we were in constant contact with our Emigration Group consultants whenever we needed them. What helped the most was they seemed to know everything we needed and when we would need it, both for our application and our own peace of mind – you just can’t predict how important that is until it happens.

Making sure we had the full support needed for our family and that we could meet all of our goals was essential. This had to be a positive experience for us or it would be for nothing and we’d have left everything behind for no reason. I’m happy to tell you that this has truly been a life changer for us all and we’re looking forward to the rest of our lives down here!

Nowhere else came close to New Zealand


“We are having a the dream here. Work is great, although it does interfere with our sightseeing a little! ”

Spending time as a family has always been important to us and it wasn’t always easy to do before we decided to emigrate to New Zealand. We weren’t enjoying a great balance between work and our lives – even though we did enjoy our jobs. The weather also played a part – we wanted a nicer climate, where the winter wasn’t too cold and the summer not too hot, which made New Zealand stand out instantly.

We were made to feel welcome and that helped us and the kids settle in quickly. It was always going to be hard leaving everyone and everything we knew behind but what we would get out of it was just so much better. It’s much fresher and cleaner down here and that’s made everyone feel much better – and most importantly, we’re spending more time together than ever so it’s been a great success. Thankfully, we had the Emigration Group’s help to do it, and it’s better than we could have hoped for.

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