Shipping to New Zealand

Shipping costs can be between

£4,000 & £5,000

“It’s important to plan ahead as much as possible and prepare for any costs you hadn’t taken into account. Shipping costs are just one example.”

Paul Arthur Director, The Emigration Group

3 months

Emigration to New Zealand takes up to 3 months to process on average

Up to 16,500

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The perfect fit

We’d wanted to move for quite some time and it’s something we talked about often as a family. At first everyone was excited but the longer we thought about it and did nothing, the more tedious it felt – especially to the children! For us, it was deciding what to do first and getting things in place for when the process started. It felt like we were doing nothing for a long time but when it came down to it, the Emigration Group were there to help us through the more stressful times.

We wanted everything to fall into place as quickly as possible and we were probably overly cautious in our approach to the whole move. It was hard trying to tell what was going to happen for everyone but we all knew that this was an exciting challenge. It took some time to sort out our jobs but thanks to contacts with the Emigration Group, we were able to find jobs that helped with our application and that meant we had more time to spend together as a family.

Deciding what to bring and what to buy when we got there was also something that came up – we hadn’t really taken that into account before! Shipping services and costs were something else to consider, as we didn’t want to leave everything behind. It was definitely important for the kids to have things they were used to from home to help them settle in a bit easier but the Emigration Group helped with that too, introducing us to a trusted service that made sure everything we wanted arrived safely.

Why did Wellington stand out?


“It seems like everything just clicked into place and with all the help you gave us it made the move here so easy and a lot less stressful. We can only thank you again.”

Our daily routines were not very exciting and while we tried to do as much as possible, the work life balance just wasn’t there. We had heard great things about New Zealand, and Wellington in particular, from friends who had already visited and stayed there and it drove us to find out more – it was certainly the right call!

Enjoying a much better work to life balance and a more relaxed environment has made a massive difference to the whole family. We settled quickly, everyone has made friends and there is so much to do in Wellington that we won’t be bored for years – and that’s not even looking at things to do further away! With museums, beaches, walks, operas and much more to do and see we’ve got plenty to try out. It’s been a great start so far!