Western Australia Growth

July 18, 2011

A growth of 6.75% this financial has been predicted for Western Australia by the State’s peak business group, continuing the State’s resources boom.

This growth should increase in the following financial year to 7% as the growth continues on an even larger scale, this will provide increasing employment in the area, particularly in the resources industries.

The West Australian mining industry is the driving force behind the boom, with increased investment this financial year putting the mining industry straight back on track.
In the latest CommSec quarterly report, Western Australia has re-taken the lead as the healthiest economy in the nation and the economy continues to grow on the back of the resources boom.

The growing economy in West Australia is putting an increased stress on many of the already dire skill shortages in the area, with the State predicted to be tens of thousands of workers short within the next decade.

If you have a skill that is in demand or are considering relocation to Western Australia then there has never been a better time. With a booming economy, Western Australia could provide a great home and working environment for both you and your family. For more information on potential employment or how to obtain a visa, contact The Emigration Group today on 01244 321414 (North) or 0207 118 2526 (South).

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