Visa Australia - Workman's Holiday

June 5, 2014

Many people, particularly young people, go to Australia each year to enjoy a extended working holiday which sees them working in various jobs as they see the delights that the country has to offer. This, of course, is something that will require a visa. Australia has special provisions in place for this type of holiday/work experience and, according to the report on, there are plans in place to allow certain workers to increase the length of their working holiday visa. Australia looks favourably upon construction workers in particular and many young people who are prepared to assist in Australia's blossoming construction industry may well be able to apply for an extension to their visa. Australia will be keen to keep skilled workers in the construction industry and those on working holidays are a valuable asset.

Visa Australia - Working Around Australia

Obviously, the nature of construction work is quite transitory which makes it a popular choice for young people who want to work whilst they travel around Australia. This type of employment for people travelling from the UK does, however, require a visa. Australia has many positions available for construction workers as it is one of the country's most rapidly growing economies. Speaking to, Australian Immigration Minister, Chris Evans, states, “From today, working holiday visa holders who have worked in the construction industry in regional Australia for at least three months will be eligible to apply for a second working holiday visa. Extending this concession to construction will help this booming industry by encouraging people on working holidays to undertake short-term construction work in regional Australia.” Working in Australia is a great way to see the country and many will apply for the applicable visa. Australia has thousands of applicants for these visas each year which is why many seek the advice or visa and emigration experts when making their application.

Visa Australia - Backpacker's Holiday

Australia is undoubtedly one of the first ports of call for young travellers throughout the world, particularly those from the UK and it is important to apply for the correct visa. Australia will request that you apply for a working holiday visa if it is your intention to seek temporary jobs whilst you are in the country, such as those in construction or farming. Immigration Minister, Chris Evans, states, “We are seeing a record backpacker program this year, which is great for businesses, especially in regional Australia, and good news for Australia's tourism industries.” Many will seek the guidance of visa specialists when it comes to getting a working or permanent visa. Australia is equally amenable to both.

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