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If you're looking for a visa, Australia has a variety of visa schemes designed for business people/ entrepreneurs, skilled migrants, families and working holidays. The stereotypical image of obtaining a visa in Australia is that you have to collect a certain amount of points in order to gain entry. But you don't have to be a brain surgeon to guarantee a work visa – Australia has a range of visas that you could be eligible for.

Working Visa: Australia's Skills Crisis

Australia is truly a land of opportunity, reminiscent of the early days of the United States; the country has been built and shaped by emigration. Anyone who has visited Australia knows why the country has such a strong pull, making it the number one destination for emigrating Brits. If you check out the figures for applications for a work visa, Australia tops the league. Sydney is a global powerhouse, competing alongside London and New York as a financial capital. Melbourne is widely acclaimed as a cultural Mecca, a buzzing city featuring Italian, Greek and Chinese influences. It offers Europeans a sense of culture and depth, combined with the optimistic energy of a young, emerging city. Many Brits who yearn for a visa for Australia to emigrate permanently are seduced by the charms of Melbourne. The vibrant downtown sits next door to St Kilda's laid back beach scene; the city combines an efficient tram system, museums and casinos, beach life and sea sports with botanic gardens and boutique shops. It's no wonder so many Brits apply for a visa – Australia offers an enviable lifestyle.

Are you eligible for a Visa?

Australia has a variety of visas, and it's true that if you want to emigrate you will need to meet specific criteria. But if you just want a taster of Down Under, there is a visa scheme for temporary skilled migrants and even if you're unskilled, if you are under 30 you can obtain a working holiday visa – Australia makes an ideal Gap year. Australian figures show the temporary visa schemes are a huge success. The Immigration Department showed that the number of applicants for the 457 visa programme for temporary skilled migrants grew by almost a quarter in 2008. The number of applications for the visa, Australia figures show, jumped from 46,680 to 58,050 with a total of 110, 570 temporary work visas issued altogether.

Seeking out a Visa?

Australia is hugely popular with Brits. The statistics reveal that out of those applications for temporary work visas, Britons were the biggest group of applicants with 13,110 visas issued.

Looking for a Visa? Australia & New Zealand Experts The Emigration Group can Help

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