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July 2, 2014

More Brits might be queuing up for a visa – Australia offers better quality of life according to a controversial academic. Dr Oliver Marc Hartwich came to London from Germany to become the chief economist at the Policy Exchange. And his time living in London prompted him to write an article declaring it was a “rip-off capital” adding that Berlin and Sydney offered far superior lifestyles. Dr Hartwich has himself a visa – Australia is where he'd rather be. Visa, Australia Exodus

Dr Hartwich was already in hot water in the UK for suggesting people living in northern cities such as Sunderland and Liverpool should emigrate down south for a better quality of life. And now he is quitting the country entirely and heading to Sydney after obtaining a visa – Australia, he says, is the place to be. In an article in the Observer newspaper, Dr Hartwich wrote that London offered a low quality of life at a high price. He highlighted the high cost of petrol, eating out, hotel costs, food prices and even cinema trips as being more expensive than other industrialised countries. And house prices left many people excluded and struggling to achieve a good standard of life.

Looking for a Visa? Australia is in Demand

Dr Hartwich, a leading economist who worked at the British think tank, said Britain was one of the most expensive places to live in the world, but didn't have the infrastructure and public services to justify the expense, adding that Britain, “should not be surprised if it loses its most qualified people and fails to attract foreign professionals.” More people could very well be queuing up for a visa; Australia is the top destination of choice for lifestyle.

Australia offers More

The academic said prices for basic items such as furniture from Ikea was 30% cheaper in Germany and that the cost of travel, petrol and property are all more affordable in Australia Dr Hartwich had lived in Germany before the UK and had also spent a period living in Australia. He said Sydney is now his destination of choice, compared to 'rip-off Britain'. He quoted research by a human resources consultancy that estimated the cost of living in London to be a third higher than Sydney, and the fact that London comes 38th in the world on quality of life. It's no wonder that more people in the UK are considering a visa – Australia simply offers more for less.

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