Visa Australia - Checklists Before and After You Arrive

June 5, 2014

More and more residents from the UK plan to emigrate to Australia each year and there are many other considerations on top of the most obvious one of acquiring the necessary visa. Australia has a fairly stringent immigration process which is why people often set out a checklist and seek the advice of emigration experts when it comes to applying for a visa. Australia is an immensely popular location for emigrating Brits and there are already thousands of ex-UK residents all over Australia after having successfully completed their applications for a visa. Australia is a breathtaking country and has many beautiful cities from the west to east coast that will make the perfect backdrop for a new life away from the United Kingdom.

Visa Australia - Considerations Before You Leave

Australia is likely to see a considerable influx of Brits seeking permanent residence in the country in 2009 and many have already started the process of getting a visa. Australia welcomes people from all walks of life, whether it is your intention to travel to Australia to work or you plan to retire there, you are sure to find the applicable visa. Australia has much to offer and some of the things to consider on your checklist before moving include:

  • When moving to Australia, every member of your family will require a visa. Australia will insist, for example, that babies that are yet to be born also have the requisite visa for entry into the country.
  • It may be a good idea to visit Australia prior to applying for a visa. Australia is a vast country and you will need to establish whereabouts you want to live, job opportunities and so forth.
  • Arrange for the shipment of your belongings to your chosen destination after you have secured your visa. Australia and the UK both have numerous removal experts who specialise in transporting goods overseas.

Visa Australia - Things to Consider Once You've Arrived

Once you've successfully acquired your visa, Australia is your oyster but there are still some aspects that you should sort out shortly after arriving to the country. For example:

  • Opening a bank account is one of the first things to do after you've received your visa. Australia has a fairly similar pricing structure to the UK and things generally cost comparable amounts but it is a good idea to set up an Australian bank account.
  • Arrange all you insurance needs as soon as possible after you've obtained your visa. Australia is a very safe and welcoming country but it is important to have all the necessary medical, dental, car and home insurance.

Looking for a Visa? Australia & New Zealand Experts The Emigration Group can Help

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