Visa Australia - Bye Bye Britain

June 5, 2014

The huge trend for Brits seeking out a visa - Australia being the most popular destination of choice - prompted some newspapers to state that Britain had lost the 'Great' bit. There's plenty of reasons why you might want to apply for a visa, Australia certainly has a wealth of positives on its side: the weather, the beauty, the exotic wildlife, multi-cultural cities, a booming economy, affordable housing, endless space, outdoor lifestyle and some cool lingo. It's no wonder more Brits want a visa: Australia prompts its citizens to say 'G'day!' whereas Britain inspires grumbles about the incessant rain.

Clamouring for a Visa

Australia - the allure of the country alone is enough for many young people to apply for a visa - Australia offers a raft of once in a lifetime activities, and having those activities available on your doorstep is too tempting for some to resist. Some reasons you might want a visa:

  • Australia has sensational wildlife and nature - from sharks to spiders - the country's wildlife certainly has the edge on Britain's tame critters and creatures.
  • In Australia, you can choose from white water rafting, bungee jumping, parachute dives and with fantastic surf, rock climbing and sailing, you'll never be bored.
  • Australia has some of the world's most famous landmarks from the Great Barrier Reef to Ayers Rock.
  • For those looking for a visa, Australia is the ultimate destination, whether you want to see the most amazing night skies in the darkest outback, chill out on a secluded beach, experience adventure, witness wonders of nature or feel the buzz of its vibrant cities.

It's for these reasons that so many Brits have already got their visa, Australia is a uniquely exciting destination. But it's not the only reason to pack your bags. In sharp contrast, Britain is losing its charms for many of its residents. The terrible summers, long dark winters, debilitating house prices, crammed cities, failing public services, rising bills, high cost of living and general negativity is prompting those who hadn't considered emigrating before to think again. Even the most popular cities like Sydney offer a busy city with the balance of botanical gardens, outdoor Olympic swimming pools and of course the beach. And you can buy a four bedroom house in Sydney for as little as £150,000 (as of January 2008) and as little as £60,000 in smaller cities such as Adelaide. So, as the Australian tourism campaign says, 'What are you waiting for?'

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