Visa Australia - Brits Grow Weary of the UK

June 5, 2014

According to the report in the Guardian, Australia has now cemented itself at the top of chosen destinations for those applying for visa. Australia can boast a hefty 25% of the thousands of people who emigrate from the UK each year, which makes it by far the most popular location for those seeking a new lifestyle and each year there is an increased number of people from the UK seeking a visa. Australia is obviously far out in the lead of destinations and its nearest rival in this regard is Spain which manages a 14% share of the UK's emigrants. There is so many positives about living in Australia that it really is of little surprise that it is the most sought after nation when it comes to applying for a visa. Australia has great weather, spectacular coastlines, a thriving economy and excellent work potential for those moving there from the UK.

Visa Australia - Acquiring Your Visa

It goes without saying that Australia is a nation that has its foundations in immigration and this is something that makes them additionally welcoming to those from the UK applying for a visa. Australia obviously has a stringent immigration policy, so, it is a good idea to seek expert advice when actually applying for your visa. Australia is, of course, particularly welcoming to skilled workers from the UK as they currently have a shortage of workers in certain sectors and, according to the report in the Guardian,around 70% of the migrants who head to Australia do so on the 'general skilled migration visa'. Australia does have opportunities for an array of job sectors and judge immigration entry on a points based system to establish the individual's suitability.

Visa Australia - Quality of Life

According to the report in the Guardian, an improved quality of life is one of the primary reasons that so many people from the UK wish to apply for an Australian visa. Australia has a relatively low cost of living and, speaking to the Guardian, immigration specialist, Liam Clifford, states, “Living in Australia is relatively cheap compared to Europe, and Australians tend to have a good level of disposable income and a high-quality lifestyle. Earnings can be lower and although goods and services tax is considerably lower than VAT, income tax can be higher and healthcare is moving further and further towards private care, with tax changes to encourage this. But fuel is far cheaper and food is inexpensive.”

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