Visa Australia - Bridging the Gap

June 5, 2014

Going to university is a priority for most young people in the UK but, according to the report in the Wall Street Journal, approximately 29,000 will defer their studies and head off on a gap year and most will, depending on where they choose to go, need to apply for a visa. Australia is, of course, amongst the most popular destinations for gap year students and a large proportion of those who have deferred their studies are likely to end up applying for a temporary Australian visa. Australia is a spectacular country and offers excellent experiences for gap year students to enjoy. The Australian tourism board is keen to attract deferred students for their working holiday visa. Australia has many temporary working opportunities for those gap year students looking for adventure before heading off to university.

Visa Australia - Youngsters are the Future

Australia is obviously very welcoming to conscientious young British students who want to see the country and are prepared to work as they travel around. As such, the Australian tourist board encourages these gap year travellers to apply for their working year visa. Australia has an abundance of jobs that would be suitable for those on gap years ranging from construction to bar work and, according to the report in Wall Street Journal, in the first half of 2008, 11% of all Australian working holiday visas were from 18-19 year old UK residents, which just goes to show the immense popularity of this visa. Australia has obviously got a number of criteria that assesses the eligibility of an individual for a Australian working holiday visa which is why it is a good idea to speak with emigration experts to assist you with the filling out of your visa. Australia is set to continue to be one of the UK gap student's favoured destinations and the numbers applying for a visa each year continues to grow.

Visa Australia - Expanding Horizons

According to the report in the Wall Street Journal, the popularity of the Australia working holiday visa stems from the fact that it allows young people to experience the enjoyment of living in another country before heading off for their studies and it is invariably good preparation for university life. Australian tourism is very strong and they are encouraging more and more students to apply for this visa. Australia continues to welcome people whether their stay is temporary of permanent and Australia tourism board manager, Rodney Harrex, states, “The Australian Working Holiday Visa allows travellers to stay for up to 12 months and work in any job. I know a lot of parents worry that their children will run out of money on their gap years, but the reality is on a Working Holiday Visa you can begin employment from the first day you arrive on Australian soil.”

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