Visa Australia - Australians Welcome Super-Yachts

June 5, 2014

According to a report on, Australian immigration have plans afoot to introduce a new variety of visa. Australia has put into motion a new form a visa specifically target at those who wish to visit Australia's breathtaking coastline aboard super-yachts. It is little wonder that there is likely to be much interest in this new type of visa (Australia has many striking coastlines after all) and Immigration Minister, Chris Evans, believes that the new visa will help Australia to tap into the ever growing super-yacht market. The new visa (Australia only) allows for those super-yacht owners looking to travel to the country with foreign crews to work in Australia for up to 12 months on private or commercially owned super-yachts.

Visa Australia - Setting Sail

There is obviously thousands of people who move to Australia each year and these people will all require a visa. Australia also welcomes those travelling on super-yachts for a 12 month stay with the introduction of this new variety of visa. Australia has introduced the visa as it seeks to boost the tourism sector of its many spectacular coasts, most notably the Great Barrier Reef region. According to the report on, there is an ETA of October 2008 for this new visa. Australia has always been a welcoming nation when it comes to accepting new residents to its shores and this new super-yacht visa is likely to be a welcome addition amongst those who own or operate super-yachts.

Visa Australia - Tapping into the Market

Australia is, of course, popular with tourists and those seeking to live there permanently and the type of visit you intend on will have a bearing on the required visa. Australia is always aware of its assets and does all it can to maximise upon them. As such, the new super-yacht visa that is being introduced is set to channel into a hitherto untapped market. Speaking to, the Australian Immigration Minister, Chris Evans, stated, “The super-yacht industry is a growing niche market that is an integral part of Queensland's economic and regional development. Until now, there has not been an appropriate visa to allow the crews to work on a commercially chartered super-yacht in Australia and this has restricted the growth in this industry.”

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