Visa Australia - A Relocation Checklist

June 5, 2014

Many people think the hard part about emigrating to Australia is getting the visa – Australia does have strict immigration rules and the country is keen to attract skilled labour and professionals. An emigration expert can advise you on how best to obtain a visa if you're concerned you don't meet the criteria. In fact, if you simply don't want to risk not getting your work visa, Australia emigration specialists can help ensure you pass the visa criteria using specialised knowledge of the country's immigration guidelines. It's worth noting that there are different kinds of visas, Australia frequently changes or updates its immigration procedures to match its changing needs.
Visa Australia: Getting the Go Ahead

Before you apply for a visa, Australia is a hugely vast country – if you can afford it, take time to arrange a visit to the country if you haven't gone before. Spend time researching the particular area you have in mind. If you're looking for employment, check out the employment statistics, opportunities, job pages and potential. There's no point getting a visa for Australia if you end up getting there and finding it's not what you wanted after all.

Relocation Check list

You may have applied for a visa, Australia however is a hugely expensive country to fly to. If you can't afford a visit before you emigrate, you can do extensive research online. If money is tight, you need to do some serious maths before you fly to make sure you can repay debt or put together saving plans to pay for the relocation. Emigrating can cause huge upheaval but it isn't impossible. If you're lucky enough to have your visa, Australia offers a fantastic opportunity and improved quality of life. The less you have, the better position you're in to make the move, but if you have investments in the UK, your relocation check list should begin at least 18 months before you travel:

  • Once you're Australian visa has been approved, put your house on the market or register with a letting agency.
  • Start talking about the move with your family in case any issues – emotional or practical – need your time and attention.
  • Get your paperwork in order, as well as a visa, Australian officials will need other id including driver's licenses, birth, adoption and marriage certificates. Make sure your passports will be valid.
  • If you're obtaining a visa to work, Australia employers will want to see why you're employable – make sure your portfolio, CV and references are in order.
  • Even before you get your visa, Australia may be a big place but it isn't always easy finding work, consider contacting companies that interest you and sending speculative applications.
  • Inform your doctor, dentist and schools about the family move.
  • Investigate competitive quotes from removal companies and freight companies.
  • It's also important you are up to date on your medical care, checking into a travel clinic is advised 8 weeks before travel.
  • When you leave work in the UK, ask for your P45; you can open an Australian bank account online or when you arrive.
  • Remember to close and cancel direct debits for UK bills.
  • Rent temporary accommodation so you have somewhere to stay when you arrive in Australia that doesn't cost the earth.

Looking for a Visa? Australia & New Zealand Experts The Emigration Group can Help

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