The Role of Agents....INZ Comment

May 10, 2006

Immigration New Zealand has recently clarified its view on this issue. A spokesperson recently commented…. The question many people ask is, “Is it necessary to have an agent?” Perhaps the correct question to ask is: “Is it wise to retain an agent?” Ultimately it is for each client to answer this question and it is our role to respect that answer and deal directly with the applicant or through their appointed agent. We are in no doubt that a competent and ethical agent can add considerable value to their client’s application and their dealings with us. In addition a good agent can help a potential migrant locate good opportunities for business and settlement. Over the last three years we have gone to considerable time and expense to engage with New Zealand Association for Migration and Investment (NZAMI) members on a number of occasions. We have always been happy to do so (and remain so) because we believe that agents can have a valuable role in the immigration process.

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