Skills shortage leaves employers struggling in Auckland

July 16, 2012

A study has revealed that a major skills shortage in Auckland is restricting the earning potential of the local workforce and holding back major developments in and around the city.

More than 50 significant employers were interviewed by the Committee for Auckland, working alongside the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment with alarming results.

Digital and ICT expertise, engineering and food technology and chemistry were among the areas identified with key skill shortages. Professional management and specialised large client marketing were also added to this list as professions where there were large skill gaps.

Heather Shotter, Committee Chief Executive believes the report highlights existing problems within New Zealand’s employment development and what needs to happen next.

"Developing a workforce with the right skills is arguably the most important priority for Auckland today," she said.

“Internationally, cities like Sydney and Stockholm are dressing up their reputations to do battle for skilled immigrants.”

"…Skills such as self-discipline, agreeableness and conscientiousness are developed first in early childhood so even if we start now, growing a workforce with well-developed personal skills is a long term strategy," she said.

New Zealand is crying out for skilled migrants and if you have been considering relocation for a period of time then there has never been a better time to make a move down under!

To find out more about how you could apply to work and live within New Zealand as a skilled worker contact The Emigration Group today on 01244 321414 (North) or 0207 118 2526 (South).

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