Skills Shortage in Western Australia

July 13, 2011

A booming resource sector in Western Australia has caused a growing skills shortage in the State, forcing local officials to travel overseas seeking skilled workers to fill a whole range of roles.

A number of industry representatives including Western Australia’s Training and Workforce Development Minister Peter Collier, landed in the UK on the weekend in search of skilled employees.

In the ten years leading up to the 2009-2010 Economic year, Western Australia saw a growth of around 4.4 per cent each year above the average 3.1 per cent that Australia saw over the same period.

This fast pace of growth however, is currently unsustainable by the State’s population and fears are growing that in upcoming years there may not be enough workers to sustain the economic growth.

Mr Collier believes this shortfall, which could be up to 150,000 by 2017, means there has never been a better time for overseas workers to call Western Australia their home.
“Our goal is to explore all options for not just increasing the participation of our local population, but also adding to the labour pool by attracting skilled workers from overseas and other parts of Australia,” he said.

“We aim to show skilled migrants, short-term workers, working holidaymakers and their families the opportunities in Western Australia.”

If you are considering work in Western Australia then The Emigration Group can help you secure a job through our wide network of potential employers. We are currently working with these employers to find suitably skilled employers to take up temporary and permanent positions in Australia. If you would like more information on working in Western Australia then contact us today on 01244 32141 (North) or 0207 118 2526 (South).

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