Skilled British workers helping to rebuild Christchurch

December 8, 2011

The rebuilding process in Christchurch is well underway thanks to the help of many skilled Brits.

Between June 1 and October 31, 71 foreign nationals were issued working visas by Immigration New Zealand and over half of those were British.

From Monday, the agency will be updating its Canterbury skills shortage list, highlighting civil, electrical and structural engineers and upholsterers as the occupations urgently needed.

Among those who have obtained visas are 15 quantity surveyors, 13 insurance loss adjusters, nine civil engineers and eight construction project managers.

Immigration NZ's operations support manager, Jan Clark said: "These people qualified for visas on the basis of skills shortages, including those in occupations on the Department of Labour's immediate and long-term skills shortage lists, particularly the specific Canterbury skills shortage list."

Around 6000 people have left Christchurch since the February 22 disaster and the city has now been left with a shortage of skilled professionals.

As a result, five occupations have been added to the long-term and immediate skills shortage list by The Department of Labour.

These occupations include agricultural scientists, social professionals, life scientists, biotechnologists and environmental research scientist.

"The lists are central to ensuring that New Zealand's skill needs are met by facilitating the entry of appropriately skilled migrants to fill skill shortages and reducing the costs and time delays for employers seeking staff," said Ms Clark.

"Employers can still recruit migrants in occupations that have been removed from the list, but will need to demonstrate genuine attempts to recruit suitable New Zealand citizens or residents."

If you are a skilled worker who is looking to start a new life overseas then Christchurch needs you! To get in contact with prospective employers and start the emigration process contact The Emigration Group today on 01244 321414.

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