Sally a Registered Licenced Immigration Advisor for New Zealand...

January 5, 2009

As you may be aware, the New Zealand Government recently introduced a new law requiring all immigration advisors to become licenced by the government, under the newly formed body, The Immigration Advisors Authority (IAA). The Emigration Group is pleased to announce that our New Zealand visa specialist, Sally Tomkinson is one of the very first advisors to be licenced by the IAA (Licence Number 200800496). Although UK advisors have until May 2010 to gain a licence, The Emigration Group appreciate the need to be proactive in this area and to reassure clients that we fully embrace the code of ethics and reliability that come with being a registered migration agent. To date, only a handful of people have been issued with a licence and we are proud to be amongst them. Don’t leave your visa to chance. Contact us today for the very best advice and service available. Call 0845 230 4390.Sally Tomkinson

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