Parents of Citizens and Permanent Residents to get longer Tourist Visas

September 6, 2012

Today marked good news for anyone who currently has a child living permanently in Australia with the announcement that parents would be given longer tourist visas to visit their children.

The parents of Australian citizens and permanent residents will be allowed to stay for longer periods, under a new system which will determine on a case-by-case basis whether they are eligible for an extended period of stay.

If a parent is eligible to stay for an extended period of time they will be offered either:

  • Up to three years validity on a tourist visa with a maximum 12 months stay on each visit
  • Up to five years validity for parents who are in the Parent (Subclass 103) visa queue with a maximum stay of 12 months on each visit.

Each parent must be able to demonstrate that they have had extended periods of time absent from Australia between these visits and they must also be able to prove that they have sufficient funds, including health insurance, to cover their stay within the country.

The first of these changes is expected to be seen towards the end of the year.

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