Opportunities in Western Australia

June 20, 2011

Many potential migrants look towards Western Australia as a land of opportunity. The mining industry combined with the warm lifestyle offers a laid-back, safe and secure environment for your family. But if you are looking for a more urban lifestyle, then the recent plans to redevelop Perth might make it the perfect place for you to call home.

Western Australian Planning Minister John Day wants to see the Perth Central Business District converted from a mainly economic environment to a place which encompasses a wide range of recreational opportunities.

Speaking at the “Successfully Implementing Directions 2031” conference, the Minister discussed the release of the city’s Capital City Planning Framework and what that would mean for the redevelopment of Perth.

“A vibrant capital city embraces growth and change, and this cohesive vision for Perth will amplify our sense of place and make our capital more internationally competitive and relevant,” he told local newspaper PerthNow.

“These key areas are the primary venues of state and culture, for use by both residents and visitors, and the careful design of these precincts and their integration with other elements of the city is critical to the design of Perth in the next two decades.”

The plans include improving Perth’s public transport system to make it easier for work and leisure commuters to travel around the city and creating several transport hubs, one of these being the Perth City Link. This project will form a major redevelopment in the city centre which will include new retail and office space as well as providing a central public transport link.

The importance of keeping any developments close to the city centre is also highlighted within the plan, acknowledging the need to make the city centre a focal point for recreational activities and sporting events.
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