New Zealand's Skill Shortage

February 21, 2011

According to a recent survey carried out by Deloitte, an ‘overwhelming’ amount of businesses in New Zealand are facing staff shortages and expect the situation to become much worse over the year. The survey involved over 350 companies from a range of industries and over eighty per cent reported that they are suffering staff shortages.

The New Zealand economy has been growing and businesses in the country are increasing their workforce to cope with the growth. However there is a limit to how many skilled workers are available in the country. The economy is closing in on full employment and shortages are going to continue for the foreseeable future unless other sources of workers are used.

Talent problems are becoming an increasingly common problem in New Zealand as staff cannot be trained quickly enough to cope with the growing number of skilled roles available. Skilled worker roles such as managers, IT professionals and accountants are all in high demand and the country is not able to fill the spaces with domestic workers.

As the economy and workforce continues to grow the only option available is the influx of overseas workers with the necessary skills. This is promising for the high number of skilled workers currently looking to move to the country.

Employers are being recommended to rethink their ‘people strategy’ and consider looking overseas for skilled workers that can fill their staff shortages for an extended period of business growth.

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