New Zealanders are among the Happiest People in the World

June 13, 2011

New Zealander’s are among the happiest people in the world according to a recent International Wellbeing Study.

The survey involved more than 70 international researchers and has been completed over 10,000 times across 100 different countries. The most recent findings came from just under 6500 participants.

The findings, which are the result of an on-going study since March 2009, involved participants answering 208 questions about their lifestyle. This included questions about hopes, happiness, strengths and purpose in life. The questions are answered once every 3 months over a fifteen month period.

These findings have been backed up by a study conducted by the Organisation of Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) who recently scored New Zealand in the top four countries for well-being and wealth.

Out of the six sections, New Zealand scored within the top two deciles in the following categories: number of rooms per person, long-term unemployment rate and current employment rate.

As one of the happiest places on earth, who wouldn’t want to live there?! If you have considered emigrating to New Zealand then call The Emigration Group on 01244 321414 (North) or 0207 118 2526 (South) today.

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