New Zealand - The Fast Track Way Down Under

May 10, 2010

As the processing delays continue for many would be Australian migrants in light of the recent changes in immigration policy, New Zealand is fast capitalising on the opportunity. Australian migrants have been shell shocked in recent weeks as the Australian immigration authorities have again begun amending policy, without a thought for those migrants with applications lodged, whose plans are now totally in ‘No Man’s Land.’ New Zealand wants to offer clear and sustainable immigration policies which ensure a prompt and efficient processing of visa applications. The message that INZ London branch are putting out is: “Great news: New Zealand is still as beautiful as ever and now is the perfect time to apply for residence. Previously those who did not have an offer of skilled employment would have to wait with their application in a queue before having their application allocated to a visa officer. Now there is no queue so we are processing non- job offer applications quicker than ever. Whether you have a job offer or not, get your application in as early as possible... and we’ll have you on your way before you know it! (Remember: if you are granted residence you will still have 12 months to enter New Zealand.) Good luck!” IMMIGRATION NEW ZEALAND London Branch So, don’t delay, contact The Emigration Group today on 0845 230 4390 and you could be enjoying a BBQ on a beautiful New Zealand beach at Christmas. We employ more Licensed Immigration Advisors than any other UK based company. See:

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