New Zealand running a successful skilled migration programme

April 24, 2012

According to research by the Department of Labour, 94 per cent of new skilled migrants to New Zealand are still in a job three years after their initial migration – and earning around NZD$30 per hour!

Department of Labour Head of Research Vasantha Krishnan believes the research highlights how well skilled migrants continue to perform in New Zealand, long after their initial migration.

“Migrants with higher qualifications are rewarded with significantly higher earnings, suggesting they’ve managed to successfully use their skills in their jobs in New Zealand,” she said.

“For instance, those with a degree earned a third more than the few skilled migrants with no post-school qualification.”

She also highlighted how migrants with a job offer in New Zealand earned almost as much as migrants who had been living and working in New Zealand before their application – proving they did not need local knowledge or experience to contribute effectively to their role.

“The research found the Skilled Migrant Category was generally working well and only suggest some minor changes to further improve the policy design, by simplifying the number of questions asked of applicants and better matching the points granted against likelihood future earnings,” she said.

“These findings will be used to inform future policy developments in this area.”

The New Zealand Skilled Migration programme aims to attract the best and brightest to fill a number of skill shortages currently within New Zealand.

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