Moving to New Zealand: A great opportunity

December 6, 2012

Thinking about making your dream become a reality? Well with the help of The Emigration Group a young family from Northampton are well on their way to starting a new life in New Zealand.

In fact – on the 1st November this year the family watched on as their new two year residence visas were firmly affixed into their passports, and their dreams of a new life on the other side of the world began.

Since Paul O'Brien and his wife Tracy met 14 years ago they have always dreamt of a life overseas, but four years ago the arrival of their daughter Hannah really pushed them to take the first steps.

"We want what’s best for our child and the thought of giving her a better life made us put plans into action," said Tracy.

"We’ve always loved it Down Under and even bought a house in Australia in 2005, but with one thing or another it’s only now we have been able to make the final move."

The family has struggled in the past with illnesses, redundancies and various other personal issues – Paul was even caught up in the tragic 7/7 London bombings, but in February the family took their first steps to putting this behind them, spending five weeks networking in Auckland – the place that would become their new home.

After completing a full five weeks of networking and handing out CVs, Paul was contacted by a New Zealand IT company and offered a job in HR just north of Auckland.

After starting the process with the Emigration Group in March, the couple were delighted to receive their visas just six months later.

“Without our wonderful agent Sally we would have panicked at every hurdle, but she managed to keep us calm and made everything seem straightforward,” said Tracy.

The family are now tying up loose ends and preparing for their move to Albany – a suburb just 20 minutes from Auckland – and Paul says that despite their family and friends, there really isn’t much they will miss about the UK.

"For anyone else who shares a dream like ours, just go for it. You do have to think about costs and unexpected delays but we have no regrets and can’t believe this is finally happening," he said.

If you are looking to make your dream of moving to the other side of the world a reality, then get in touch with The Emigration Group and let us help! Call the team today on 01244 321414.

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