Migrants settle in New Zealand extremely well...

May 4, 2010

New research from Immigration New Zealand shows over 90 percent of migrants are very satisfied with life in New Zealand and 90 percent reported they were settled after living here for 18 months. The latest results from the Longitudinal Immigration Survey: New Zealand (LISNZ) shows that overall new migrants adjust well and begin contributing to New Zealand's economy swiftly. ''The survey results emphasize the contribution skilled migrants make to New Zealand. Packing your life up and shifting to a new country is a big decision to make,'' Dr Coleman, the Minister for Immigration, says. ''It's important to our future that migrants settle well. Migrants contribute around $1.9 billion a year to our economy, and New Zealand is competing with overseas countries to attract skilled people to bolster our workforce.'' Dr Coleman says the latest research is complemented by a Department of Labour study of migrants who arrived in New Zealand under the skilled migrant category. It found 92 percent were employed at the time of the survey. ''We're seeing a really positive trend with skilled migrants. They are productive, they provide employers with the skills they may not be available in the workforce and they contribute to economic growth.'' A new website has just been launched to assist British migrants find work in New Zealand. See: www.skilledbritishworkers..co.uk

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