Manchester an Emigration Hotspot

October 1, 2012

A migration expert has revealed that Manchester is one of the top three cities in the UK for emigration.

The Emigration Group has received thousands of enquiries from people looking to emigrate to Australia and New Zealand making Manchester one of the UK hotspots for emigration.

The top three cities for emigration enquiries in the UK were Liverpool in third place, Manchester in second and Belfast the UK's top emigration hotspot.

Paul Arthur, managing director of The Emigration Group said: "We have had almost 3,500 enquiries in the last five months from people looking to emigrate, putting the city in our top three emigration hotspots for the UK."

In response to this high demand The Emigration Group is hosting two half day seminars in Manchester; these are to give potential migrants all the information they need on moving to Australia and New Zealand.

Paul Arthur, director of migration advisors The Emigration Group said: "Australia and New Zealand are conducting one of the biggest migration drives in 40 years. There are hundreds of thousands of visa places available in the next 12 months for Brits who have the right skills. Immigration authorities have also made the migration process easier. Australia for example has reduced the 'pass mark' needed to apply for a visa."

According to Paul, the harsh realities of the UK economy is acting as a driving force for migration but for many it is also about a better quality of life for themselves and their families.

He said: "Economic pressures and an uncertain future are major factors encouraging emigration down under. The economy in both Australia and New Zealand is thriving, with substantial job opportunities for Mancunians who may be struggling here. However, many local people are emigrating because they are looking for a better quality of life as well.

"In a recent global liveability survey, cities both in Australia and New Zealand came in the top 10 places to live in the world and it’s this superior quality of life, which is acting as a huge lure for many Mancunians."

He added: "For people who are looking to further their career and have a better work life balance, now is the time to emigrate, there won’t be a better opportunity."

The two half day seminars are being held on Sunday the 14 October at the Novotel in Worsley Brows. The seminars will cover the process of applying for residence visas, advice on finding a job and tips for a successful resettlement.

Seminar tickets cost just £15 each or £25 for a couple (including refreshments), and there are only 50 places available.

For more information about emigration to New Zealand and Australia or to book a place at the seminar visit or call 01244 321414.

For more information about this story, contact Paul Owen on 0151 706 9989 or email

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