Lifestyle remains No1 reason for investor migrants

August 12, 2010

New Zealand's lifestyle is more important than business and tax issues to migrants moving here, a study has found. A dozen investor migrants and one investor's wife were interviewed for an Immigration New Zealand and Investment New Zealand-commissioned study aimed at finding messages to lure potential investor migrants.

"It is clear that this decision to migrate is a heart decision .... emotive topics were far more resonant for these migrants than facts and rationality," the report said. "Business and tax issues came a distant second to lifestyle and community."

The top two reasons selected by migrants were "New Zealand is a great place to bring up a family" and "New Zealand is a small country (population) with a strong sense of community".

A senior marketing lecturer atMasseyUniversity, Dr Henry Chung, said the study confirmed what many already knew.

"The wealthy see the investor migrant category as a pathway to come to New Zealand, usually for the lifestyle or for their children, and not necessarily to do business or make money.

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