Large infrastructure projects bring new jobs to Auckland

July 3, 2013

The New Zealand Government has announced $10 billion worth of infrastructure plans for Auckland, designed to kick-start new transport projects across the city.

The projects featured under this new plan include two major State highway projects, a second harbour crossing and the City Rail link.

Prime Minister John Key expressed the Government’s support for this infrastructure when he spoke recently at an Auckland Chamber of Commerce event.

“These [three] projects are all identified as the highest transport priorities in the Council’s Auckland Plan,” he said.

“They have a price tag of around $10 billion and they are projects that need to be planned over a long period of time.”

The development in growth presents an exciting time for the country’s construction companies and David McConnell director of the country’s second largest building group – Hawkins Construction – believes it could lead to significant development in and around Auckland and New Zealand as a whole.

“Construction opportunities in Christchurch are now turning into real projects and the overall building market in New Zealand is improving with Auckland’s commercial pipeline strengthening,” he said.

“At the same time we are targeting infrastructural projects in open spaces, water and civil sectors and niche projects offshore.”

In addition, Philip King, Investor Relations Manager at Fletcher Building believes it could lead to significant job creation.

“The opportunities projects like this provide are considerable for the construction industry overall,” he said.

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