Jobs in New Zealand - The Brain Drain

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'Jobs in New Zealand' is one of the search phrases disaffected workers in the UK are increasingly likely to Google in offices across the country. According to a major research project by the Organisation of Economic Co-operation and Development, more Brits are seeking jobs in New Zealand than ever before. And to make matters worse, the research shows that it's highly qualified professionals that are seeking out jobs in New Zealand creating a 'brain drain' in the UK. Jobs in New Zealand: Pulling Power

The allure of jobs in New Zealand is clear: as an English speaking country, many would say that New Zealand beats the UK in terms of weather, space, outdoor lifestyle, housing affordability and quality of life. Ever since the Lord of the Rings trilogy, New Zealand has been shown in all its cinematic glory, and its spectacular landscapes are appealing to those professionals in the UK who are tired of living in crammed cities and who seek a better work/ life balance.

Jobs in New Zealand and Australia

Jobs in New Zealand and Australia top the chart for desirable relocations. And the fact that over a quarter of the qualified professionals moving from the UK are health or education professionals spells trouble for the UK – the recent emigration figures indicate the biggest brain drain from Britain in 50 years. The record numbers of professionals seeking jobs in New Zealand, Australia, America and Canada highlights that the UK has lost more than one in ten skilled citizens. The huge number of people seeking jobs in New Zealand has bolstered New Zealand's communities and workforce, but it has put Britain in a bad light; the research shows only Mexico has had more people emigrate than the UK, and that no other country has lost as many skilled professionals as Britain.

New Zealand Attracts Graduates

Jobs in New Zealand and other English speaking countries top the emigration destination list, with holiday countries such as France and Spain following behind. And the concern isn't necessarily the number of people seeking out jobs in New Zealand but the fact that 1.1 million of the 3.247 million British people currently living abroad are highly skilled graduates. The report states that although a percentage of emigrants are retired people, a massive 60% are in fact leaving to take up jobs in New Zealand, Australia and other popular destinations.

Better Life Abroad

It's thought that the weather, difficult housing market and the credit crunch are all contributing factors to the mass exodus. For such a small country the figures are quite staggering when you consider France only lost 370,000 of its skilled workers to emigration. But the promise of a better lifestyle and the opportunities jobs in New Zealand present are too attractive to turn down for many in the UK who actively seek a better life. It was calculated by the Office of National Statistics in 2006 that the emigration rate was the equivalent of one Briton leaving every three minutes.

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