Jobs in New Zealand for 'Miserable' Brits

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It's an image that passes through many minds in the UK during the gloomy winter months – the thought of sunnier climates and golden beaches, sipping a glass of chilled wine on a balmy evening, overlooking expansive landscapes and ocean views. You can't blame the thousands of UK office workers who stare out at granite skies and dream about finding jobs in New Zealand. And now it isn't just the winter months that are triggering searches for jobs in New Zealand. The UK has experienced yet another wash-out summer leaving many feeling miserable and fed up. Jobs in New Zealand in Demand

Sunshine has been scientifically proven to lift moods and seasonal affective disorders are impacting on the moods of many. But the persistent rain is not dampening the dreams of those who are determined to follow the sun and seek out jobs in New Zealand. Research from foreign exchange specialists shows that 48% of British people feel January is the most depressing month of the year, triggering the impulse to seek out jobs in New Zealand and emigrate for good. The research shows Londoners are more likely to feel disillusioned with Britain. And seeking out jobs in New Zealand makes sense as the country offers the exact opposite of London: space, sunshine, outdoor living, sports, mountains, sea and sand.

Jobs in New Zealand: Escaping the Weather

The research suggests it isn't just the weather that's triggering Brits to seek out jobs in New Zealand. Politics and economics are also cited as a reason to pursue jobs in New Zealand. A general cynicism and negativity in the state of the UK compounded perhaps by the war in Iraq, knife crime, a failing economy, an impossible housing market and a widening gap between rich and poor, is behind the increase in Brits seeking jobs in New Zealand.

Housing and Finances Trigger Emigration Dreams

And although politics and the economy can all change, the weather in the UK seems persistently bad. Short, dark, wet dreary days impact on our energy levels and attitude to life. The survey showed that a massive 87% of those questioned would consider emigrating abroad because of the better weather and superior quality of life – explaining why the number of British nationals seeking jobs in New Zealand is so high. Other reasons cited for seeking jobs in New Zealand, Australia and European holiday spots such as Spain include:

  • Housing - 68% of those questioned said cheaper housing is a motive to emigrate
  • Money - 55% felt the reduction of financial pressure is reason enough to move
  • The percentage of Brits seeking jobs in New Zealand accounts for around 15% of total emigration inquiries making it the second most popular destination after Australia.

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