Jobs in New Zealand for a Life-Work Balance

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Jobs in New Zealand offer Brits who are fed up of a life revolving around nothing but work, an opportunity to get their life/work balance looking a lot healthier. New Zealand, like Australia, is known for its laid back culture. And pursuing jobs in New Zealand gives Brits access to some of the most spectacular scenery and inspiring outdoor living. Taking jobs in New Zealand means rather than being stuck in the crammed commute home, you could be firing up the barbecue, indulging in outdoor sports from parachuting out of an aeroplane to paddling down high speed rapids.

Jobs in New Zealand: A Laid Back Life

The combination of open spaces, beautiful nature and an outdoor lifestyle is a massive allure for stressed out Brits who are seeking out jobs in New Zealand in their droves. The jobs in New Zealand not only provide emigrants with an amazing country to live in, but professionals can expect good remuneration and challenging roles for career progression. Record numbers of British people are quitting UK shores, and the reasons why so many are turning to jobs in New Zealand are clear: crime, bad weather, miserable commutes, unaffordable housing, crammed cities and lack of opportunity in the regions are often cited as reasons to look for jobs in New Zealand.

More Brits Looking for Jobs in New Zealand

Australia and New Zealand, where Brits once sent their criminals, are now the top destinations of choice to emigrate to. And it's not hard to see why, with the sun shining every day, low crime rates, beautiful beaches and scenery, outdoor lifestyle and adventure and activity; it's little wonder jobs in New Zealand are so sought after. As well as salaries approaching UK ones, housing is affordable with plenty of space. Brits are turning to jobs in New Zealand in search of a better life and better opportunities, accounting for the fact that around a third of UK emigrants head down under to Australia and New Zealand.

For a Fulfilling Life

Quality of life is becoming an increasingly important factor for many Brits who are simply getting fed up with the high cost of living, poor climate and lack of recreational and outdoor activities. Australia and New Zealand simply have a more positive outlook to life as a result of their lifestyles, which is distinctly lacking in the downbeat British culture. And it isn't just how we feel, an EIU survey states Britain came 29th in a quality of life survey. And as the credit crunch bites harder, more of us are considering jobs in New Zealand as part of our search for a happier life. Young professionals and families realise that hunting out jobs in New Zealand offers in return a sporty, outdoors lifestyle that is safe and fun, with a better quality of life.

Looking for Jobs in New Zealand? The Emigration Group can Help

The Emigration Group is a UK company that works to help people achieve a new life overseas, dealing primarily with British and other English speaking migrants wishing to emigrate to Australia and New Zealand. All the work involved with preparing your residence application is done in the UK, making for easy communication with clients. Together with our in house Australasian based specialists in migrant resettlement and employment search, we provide an effective and total emigration service. We successfully link together employers and job seekers, providing the fast track way to a new job, at a level of remuneration which fully reflects your skills and experience. For expert advice and a free info pack call 0845 230 4390.

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