Increasing Pressure for Australia to Fill Labour Gaps

January 19, 2011

The Australian Government is now being used by business leaders in the country to put skilled migrant applications on the fast track due to a number of labour gaps caused by a growing economy.

To avoid any legal action from skilled migrants that are awaiting a decision, the Immigration Minister has been warned that the application processing time has to be decreased.

The DIAC has set an Australian population target of 35.9 million by 2050 and is putting pressure on the Immigration Minister to increase immigration levels to counteract the again popular of the workforce.

Skill shortages and an aging workforce are becoming problems for the Australian economy and a number of officials are aware of a potential wage increase that could devastate Australian business.

Graham Kraehe, the Reserve Bank Director said "I think skills shortages are a major problem and if we don't increase the amount of skilled migration then we are going to have some real pressure on wages."

With the resurgent Australian economy making progress, the immigration system has started to play catch up. A significant reduction in the red tape surrounding migrant applications is planned and the education sector will be given easier access to student immigration.

Currently the Australian immigration system works with a points based system based on the applicant’s skills and experience and migrants can still be granted access to the country without a job offer, provided that they have the right skills and education.

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